What are you proposing will change?

    At the moment we are not making any proposals. However, because of the challenges we’ve described, improvements need to be made to outpatient and day case services and this is why we would like to hear from you.  Inpatient services, community clinics and A&E services are not being reviewed at this stage.

    Will I have to travel further to receive my care?

    We haven’t developed any options yet for how we can improve ophthalmology services. Any changes to services and/or locations will be developed with all our key stakeholders including patients, carers and the public. If, as part of the development of any new proposal, there would be the possibility of changes to where services are based, we would give due consideration to this and to the impact it would have on service users and we would consult services users before making any such changes.

    Will people suffer worse care as a result of any proposed changes?

    No. The aim of this work is to improve the health outcomes for all our ophthalmology patients under the care of ESHT.  We want to ensure the service is clinically, environmentally and financially sustainable for many years to come.

    Will I have to wait longer to receive my care?

    The aim of this work is to improve your access to ophthalmology services. This should improve waiting times, meaning that patients will be seen quicker.