What is this project about?

    This project gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts, and the information will be used to make health and care services better across Sussex. 

    We'd like to hear from people who had a health or care service delayed due to the COVID response. This could be a regular appointment, or it could be a scheduled operation or procedure.

    We'd like to hear from people who chose not to use a service as well as those who had their appointments cancelled or postponed.

    It's really important that we hear your experience because the local health and care services want to plan how they will deliver their services as the pandemic eases.

    What do I need to do?

    Please answer the questions in the 'share your story' section to tell us about your experience. It's completely confidential and anonymous, but we do ask for a few personal details. We do this because it's important that we know who in the local community we are hearing from, and who we still need to reach out to. 

    If you have any questions, you can get in touch with the project team by using the contact details on the Who's Listening section on the right hand side. 

    Who is running the project?

    The Sussex NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups have paid Traverse, an independent research company specialising in public discussions, to run this project. They have asked us to gather views from the people of Sussex about health and care services, so they can see what works well for people, and what works less well, and try to ensure that future health and care services are built around your needs.

    Your data and safety

    Traverse is a member of the Market Research Society, the UK body that sets guidelines for research like this. You can read the code of conduct we work to on the MRS website here: https://www.mrs.org.uk/pdf/MRS-Code-of-Conduct-2019.pdf. Traverse is the data controller for this project, we are registered with the Data Commissioners Office, registration number is Z5095617. 

    We will use your personal details only to contact you about the project, we will store the information securely and we will not share them with anyone outside the project team. 

    After this project is finished, we will publish a report, and share the data you provide us with anonymously so that other researchers can use it. All the data and views you share with us during the project will be anonymised: this means your name will not be seen by anyone, and no-one will know what you have said. Six months after the project has finished we will delete your personal information.